About us

CMA Building Systems is at the forefront of revolutionizing the construction industry, delivering unmatched prefabricated steel load-bearing wall panels, floor panels, and accessory metals. As a strategic partner and the primary supplier to ACL Design Build Solutions, a prominent company specializing in residential and lifestyle developments across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Ontario, we hold a pivotal role in shaping vibrant communities.

Our skilled craftsmen are technical experts in manufacturing and work alongside industry professionals at our production facility to weld, assemble and roll form steel structures from start to finish. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every steel structure we produce demonstrates quality, durability, and ingenuity.

At CMA Building Systems, we understand the importance of instilling confidence in our clients. This drives us to extend our collaboration beyond the factory floor, cultivating lasting partnerships with professionals across the construction sector. By involving our clients in every step of the journey, we provide a seamless experience that eliminates uncertainty, ensures cost control, and fosters peace of mind.

CWB Certified

At CMA, quality is more than a goal; it is the core of our identity.

We’re on track to earning our Canadian Welding Bureau certification (CWB) by the end of 2023. This journey to qualification ensures that high-quality work is established and maintained throughout our projects. This certification level gives us the ability to adapt and respond to ever-changing economic, market, and labour force conditions.

Revit Software

Our pursuit of innovation propels us forward.

CMA has seamlessly integrated Revit software technology with our cutting-edge machinery to create automated manufacturing processes. This fusion enables us to craft intricate 3D designs for building elements, proactively identify design flaws, and streamline the construction process for more efficient building.

Modern Facilities

We’re not just building structures; we’re setting new standards. 

Locally operated in Mount Uniacke, Nova Scotia, a quick 30-minute drive from Halifax, our cutting-edge manufacturing plant reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence. Here, we transform design concepts into reality and consistently outperform industry standards.